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As the image and landscape of an American family is constantly changing, Felicia Shaman has adapted her family law and advocacy practice to expertly suit the needs of traditional and not so traditional family makeups.

A loving adoptive mom and fierce community advocate, Felicia embraces unique insights, community resources, and specialized skill sets which allow her to provide a degree of legal counsel not seen in more traditional family law settings.  By combining her heart, sense of what is best for her clients, and over 15 years of experience in family oriented law, Felicia Shaman offers compassionate advice, counsel, advocacy, and most importantly, hope to families who may otherwise consider themselves confronting hopeless challenges. 

“Regardless of income, gender, race, or orientation, everyone deserves a voice, a life without fear, and a chance to thrive in a loving family no matter how that particular family is composed. I am committed to providing that voice.”  Felicia Shaman

If you have questions or need help in areas of divorce, child custody, property division, domestic violence, or any other matters facing your family, pick up the phone.  If you feel your family is not being treated fairly due to gender, race, orientation, religious beliefs, or income, call the Law Offices of Felicia Shaman today and arrange a FREE initial consultation at 978-770-8342.

Time is crucial and your first call is the most important.  It puts you on the path of the most peaceful and desirable outcome possible.  Please do not hesitate to call as Felicia is equipped to provide immediate assistance.

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