The Law Offices of Felicia Shaman specialize in several key areas of Family Law. If you have questions about matters that may not “fit in a box” or seen in the area below, please know you are welcome to call our office. No matter the situation facing your family, this firm is willing to work with you towards a fair and favorable outcome. The first step, is just to call 978-770-8342.

Divorce: All Areas Concerning Spousal/Partner Separation and Divorce:
● Contested Divorce: Coming to agreement on final separation parameters
● Complex Divorce: Division of assets and property
● Divorce Mediation: Exploring the most peaceful and amicable path to divorce
● Division of Business: Spouses facing dividing up business assets and finances
● Inheritances and protection of assets
● Spousal Support: Alimony/Palimony

Divorces Involving Children, Pets, and Custody Issues:
● Shared Custody
● Single Custody
● Visitation Rights and Privileges
● Parental Relocation
● Modifications to past agreements and rulings

Paternity Services – Protecting the Rights of Fathers:
● Contest alimony
● Increase visitation
● Full and joint custody

Domestic Violence:
If you are fearing harm to yourself or your children, please speak to us immediately or call 911. Our offices are equipped to provide you with information putting community resources and local law enforcement on your case immediately.

978-770-8342 or 911