Divorce Attorney Felicia ShamanAdmitted to the Bar of both Massachusetts and Florida, Felicia Shaman began championing the rights of children and families in 1996.  Not one to dream of expensive suits and corporate law settings, upon graduating Suffolk Law in Boston, Massachusetts, Felicia went to task with the goal of making a difference in her community and helping those facing challenges in and around their families. 

Throughout her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, Felicia immersed herself into the service of children, specifically those lingering unnecessarily in the foster care system. An internship at  Massachusetts  Families for Kids provided a launching point and clear direction for Felicias professional path.

“I knew early on during my volunteer work that my course was set, that I would dedicate my life both professionally and personally to the service of fellowship and community.  My family centered law practice allows me to achieve this on a daily basis.”

Felicia Shaman

A dedicated volunteer and advocate, she later became a Foster Mom herself. As her work continued, she isolated issues facing children stuck in various state systems and made it her business to see they were given a voice and tangible map for living with successful foster families and attaining adoption.

While children were her initial focus, Felicia realized many parents were challenged to provide adequately for their children.  Through community resources and  spearheading proactive programs, Felicia worked with organizations like Alliance for Young Families.  This agency completed the connection, putting families in the best possible position for success.

Today, Felicia Shaman is an Adoptive Mom who through her professional family law practice continues to fight tirelessly for children and families no matter what that family consists of.  Her vast network of legal and community resources combine with her passion for being a voice for those with odds somehow stacked against them.

Felicia Shaman’s client list all inclusive.  Low income to those of means, gay or straight, single or married, all races, creeds and religions. No matter the situation facing your family, Felicia is ready to put her experience and resources to work for you.  Your safety, life, and peace of mind come first when you call the Law Offices of Felicia Shaman.  

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